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JDM’s digital services suite is broad – too broad to list them all and WAY too boring to read if we did.  Instead of a long, boring list of services, let’s take a look at a few categories of JDM’s services.  Like what you see?  Let’s grab a beer.  Confused?  Check out our FAQs.

Branding: Start a true rumor.

In a lot of ways, Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room and that matters. Get More

Design: The rest is whitespace.

Thoughtful creative design creates strong emotional reactions and in the hands of our team, it’s a subtle and powerful tool. Get More

Development: Nerdy by Nature.

Our team of developer super-nerds think web technology can change lives – is that so crazy? We don’t think so. Get More

Campaigns: Make it happen.

When we say, “reactions – not just impressions” our campaigns are where the rubber meets the road. Get More

Mind you, ingredients alone, do not a dish make.  It’s about the recipe.  See our process & approach for a taste.

Our Team

You probably don’t care about our fancy degrees or accomplishments in the distant past. You just want to get to know us a bit. We’ll give it the old college try. Here’s just a little about some of JDM’s senior team members.

Common Questions

An important part of our process is asking our clients a lot of questions. If you’ve got some questions for us, feel free to contact us. In the meantime, here are a few of the more common questions we get about our team, our structure and our process. Read our FAQs.

Our Approach

JDM’s approach is about combining the latest research into user experience and behavior with statistical data that helps foretell campaign success – or failure. We look closely at the reaction you’re looking for, your budget, your timeframe and then we get creative. Get more.

The Process

JDM is very process-driven. Our process starts with Discovery and that’s about where the similarities with other agencies ends. I know words like “process” sound like made up marketing lingo, but this stuff matters. See what we mean.

Our Services

Our service suite is broad—too broad to list them all. At this point in the process, don’t worry about the deliverables you want. Let’s talk and see what deliverables you’ll need to elicit the reaction you want within the timeframe and budget you already have. Get more.

Working with JDM

The number 1 rule in marketing is NEVER make it hard to work together. To practice what we preach, JDM offers three simple engagement structures: an hours-based retainer, a debit retainer and the good ol’ flat-rate project.  Get all the details.

Our Work

Speaks for itself.
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