Got Questions?

...we've got FAQs.

If you’ve got some specific questions for JDM, feel free to contact us.  In the meantime, here are a few of the more common questions we get.

What is so great about JDM anyway?

Glad you asked.  There are numerous competitors in a space like digital advertising.  There are no certifications, Bar exams and the barriers to entry are minimal, so differentiation is difficult to communicate.

JDM is one of the most in-demand digital ad agencies (you may never have heard about) because we actually HAVE the expertise others outsource.  Our approach is centered around reactions – not deliverables.  Our process sets us and our clients up for success that’s on-time and under-budget.

I’m sure you’ve worked with “a web guy” before, but we’re confident you’ve never worked with an agency like JDM.

Why haven't I heard of JDM?

Well, that’s probably because the work we do, by nature, is an unsigned art and we’re ok with that.

What’s funny is that other large marketing and advertising agencies around the country (you HAVE heard of) often outsource their digital needs to JDM.   In cases like these, the work (and the credit) go to our agency partners – not JDM.

So although you’ve probably never heard of JDM specifically, you almost certainly have seen our work.  You just didn’t know it.

Is my information kept private?

All of JDM’s forms are 128-bit encrypted because we care about your information security.  JDM will NEVER share information provided with a 3rd party without your express consent (like, if you request us refer you somewhere).  We hate spam just as much as you do.  We hate unscheduled ‘sales calls’ even MORE than you do.

For more information about our simple but strict privacy policy, check out our legal stuff and our privacy policy statement.

Does JDM work on a project-basis?

Sometimes, yes.  Among other engagement structures, JDM works on a flat-rate project basis plus or minus 10% (depending on actual delivery hours).  You can learn more about working with JDM, our project structure, and other available engagement structures or just take our word for it.

Does JDM work on retainer?

Absolutely.  Who doesn’t?!  Among our other engagement structures, JDM offers a debit retainer that works very much like your TollTag as well as an hours-based retainer (with rollover).

Learn more about working with JDM, and get the dirty details on our retainers.  They are NOT your typical agency retainer.

Do you specialize in my industry?

Probably not.  JDM is pretty industry agnostic.  We specialize based on our core service suite and our “Reactions” approach.  We do partner with several agencies that bring industry-specific expertise to the table and we combine their experience with our technical and creative capabilities for some really killer work.

We have worked in numerous industries from Energy, Banking and HR to dog treats, Retail and Construction. But, if you’re in need of an industry-insider, we’re be happy to refer you to one of our partners or friends.

Do you work for a profit share or stock?

Nope.  We tried working “for free” in return for a share of the profits.  It always fell apart the moment there was real money being generated.   As they say, everybody is friends when there’s no money on the table.

JDM does not work for free. We’re sure you don’t either.

Do you work Pro Bono?

Rarely, but yes.  We’re very busy, but easily inspired.  If you have a cause (non-religious and non-political) you think JDM should get involved in, let us know.

We would mention, this is an exception – not a rule.

Will you work on a service exchange basis?

No, not anymore.  We certainly used to (as we have roots in small business marketing), but we got burned (repeatedly).  JDM does not work for free. We’re sure you don’t either.

If you’re willing to actually pay for all the hard work that goes into creating reactions, we can be flexible.

Does JDM specialize in eCommerce websites?

No, not really.  We’ve done several (about 10) eCommerce websites over the years, so it’s a capability we have.  However, it’s not really one of our core competencies.

For enterprise-level eComm, we would likely refer you to an eCommerce-focused firm.  If the project was more about a client/customer portal that offers invoicing/payments as a part of it’s functionality, that’s certainly something we could do.

If all that sounds like we’re dodging the question, contact us and let’s talk through the details.  Either we’re the perfect firm for the job or we’re not.  However it goes down, you’ll end up exactly where you need to be.

Do you do websites?

Absolutely!  They’re our bread & butter.  We do a lot more than just build websites, but if that’s all you’re interested in, it’s a core competency of JDM.

Does JDM outsource any of its services?

JDM does not outsource ANY of our capabilities.  ALL of the work we produce is done in-house using our team of super-nerds, writers and designers.

In fact, other large marketing and advertising agencies around the country outsource their digital needs to us.  So when you work with JDM, you’re working with the boots on the ground.

How much do your websites cost?

JDM’s pricing is fixed but it does vary based on the scope of the project or the structure of the engagement.

If you’re thinking about how much does just a typical website cost, we generally say between $4,000 – $7,000.  By no means would we say we’re the cheapest.  We focus on creating reactions – not selling cookie-cutter websites.

Before you make any pricing assumptions, request a proposal.  At least then, you’ll know for sure.

How long might my new website take?

Good, you’re already excited.  Timeframe is a tricky question.  It depends a lot on the scope of the final engagement.

What we can tell you is our speed record from back-of-the-bar-napkin to completed, live site is 30 hours flat (a special case).   We’ve also completed projects that took 8 months.   As a rule of thumb, 4-6 weeks for standard project turnaround.

What in the world is a Living Comp?!

A “Living Comp” is just part of JDM’s process.   It’s a proprietary process that skips the tedious phases of client-facing wireframes, roughs, comps, staging and more while still arriving at a finished product faster and at a higher level of quality.

Faster, cheaper and better?  Yup.  That’s a Living Comp.

What are Optional Add-ons?

Part of our “Talking Proposal” process, Optional Add-ons work like premium options on a car.  You know the make and model of the car you want.  Then we get to talking about options (leather seats, chrome rims, super-charged engine, racing wheels, premium stereo, etc.).

All the Add-ons are optional, but if you add them to the scope at the start (when we’ll be in there anyway) you can lower the price per Add-on.  You can always add them later, if you prefer.  The difference is the same as “from the factory” versus “after market.”

Do you offer SEO as a service?

Yes, but not as a standalone service and rarely on sites we didn’t build ourselves.  Rather, we offer SEO as an Add-on to our digital services.

If we were to propose a standalone SEO project (very rarely do we do this), we only offer initial optimization where we knock down any barriers to search engine visibility, help with on-page SEO (one-time) and provide recommendations for off-page SEO.  By no means would we categorize JDM as an SEO firm. There are plenty of those already.

Although JDM does not offer SEO as an ongoing or long-tail service, we will pick the hard to find, but low-hanging fruit and point you in the right direction on your SEO journey.  We just won’t hold your hand all the way.

How big is JDM?

Why does everyone ask this?  As we say, we’re small and proud of it.  As of this FAQ edit, we’re about 5 employees strong (depending on if you count IT people, accounting, legal, part-timers, interns, management–people like that). Team bios are boring, but you can learn a little about our team if you really want to.

Anyway, because we’re small, we’re picky about who we work with, but once you’re in – you’re in and part of the family.

Is JDM hiring right now?

Yes and no.  We’re growing quickly, but our President likes to hire “behind the curve.”  That is, once bandwidth is a recurring problem, he’ll hire.  Until then, he prefers to just set client expectations and perform the work internally.

We are always on the lookout for top talent that can take our Branding, Design, or Development departments to the next level.  If you’re interested in joining the team, contact us (use Regarding: “Joining the Team”).

Once we’re ready to aggressively hire, we’ll build-out a comprehensive jobs and application page.  Until then, stay tuned to our Shameless News blog for the latest.  Oh, and we do bring on interns most years too.

How do you handle project/client management?

One word: myJDMmyJDM is our secure, proprietary project management, reporting, and account management portal.  Once you’re a full JDM client, you’ll be granted access to myJDM.

Once logged in, you can view nearly real-time project status, account information, pay or print invoices, discuss proposals, get instant price estimates, and exclusive resources available only to logged in clients and partners.

How do you handle overdue clients?‎

Should we be worried that you’d ask that so early on? ;)

JDM is a small business (read: cash-flow matters) so we’re a stickler for on-time payment. That said, typically we don’t start a project until we’ve received the deposit and we won’t deliver the project until the final payment(s) are made. So if you pay slowly, the work may be delivered equally slowly.

It’s the policy of JDM to give one reminder of late (or soon to be late) invoices. Then a warning that the invoice is late. If the work has been delivered and payment has not been made we reserve the right to call in the collections people or suspend/destroy the supplied work.

This almost never happens, but there you have it.   See our Terms of Service for more “legal” details.

How do you feel about refunds?‎

We applaud your diligence – even if it’s a bit scary you’d ask that at this point…

JDM is a small business (we live and die by cash-flow).   However, we understand things can change quickly.  As you’ll see in our Terms of Service (number 5), JDM will, at our sole discretion, determine if an incomplete project qualifies for a partial or full refund.   Qualification depends on where we are in the project.

If you pull the plug BEFORE we complete the initial, Discovery Phase of a project, that project qualifies (though does not guarantee) a full or partial refund.  However, once Discovery is complete and we’ve moved into production a refund is impossible.  The deposit is forfeit and JDM retains the right to invoice for the final half of the project.

It almost never happens, but there you have it.   See our Terms of Service for the “legal” details.

Does JDM accept referrals?

Of course!  You don’t have to be a marketing guru to know that referrals are gold!

If you know of an organization you think would be a fit for JDM, let us know.  If the deal goes through, we’ll send a thank you (a 10% referral fee, a bucket of beer, our first born child…) depending on the final deal size.

Where do we go from here?

We love this question!  From here, the next step is to grab a beer (or setup a conference call) and talk through your needs, wants, and vision.  If there’s a fit, we’ll submit a proposal.

That might sound like a lot of work, but we can often go from an initial discussion to a proposal in just 24 hours.  If there just isn’t a fit, you get some free consulting and maybe a referral to someone we think you’ll LOVE.  Seriously, what do you have to loose?  Let’s grab that beer.

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